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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Morgan Stanley says: "Spain is the second most attractive country to invest in during 2013."

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MADRID, Jan. 4 — The Spanish government will hold an investors’ event in mid January to attract foreign investment and new business into the country, local media reported on Friday.

The third edition of Spain Investors Day will be held in Madrid on January 15 and 16, during which the government will elaborate the country’s economic potential to foreign investors.

The two-day event will be attended by representatives of 35 Spanish companies who make up 70 percent of the IBEX stock exchange.
The previous edition of the event in January 2012 saw representatives from the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Norway and Canada.

Spain was named by the American financial company Morgan Stanley on Thursday as the second most attractive country to invest in during 2013.

Morgan Stanley expects the country to be “one of the surprises for 2013,” believing that if the European Central Bank (ECB) implements its bond-buying program, Spain’s risk premium, which currently stands at around 355 points, will probably fall by between 75 and 155 points.

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