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Monday 16 July 2018

New! Medical Wellness in Spain!

Miravision proudly our new main sponsorship:

Vitality Group, a new concept of combining luxury holiday in a beach resort on the beautiful Costa Del Sol in Spain with professional medical treatments for both preventing and curing health problems!
Multilingual professionals will look after EVERY guest individually!

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Thursday 15 September 2016


Tuesday 17 February 2015

Beautiful villa project in Marbella - invest into your luxury future

Puerto del Capitán is a villa project consisting of 57 beautiful plots in a stunning hillside position, offering views over the Mediterranean Sea, a lush golf course and spectacular mountain views.

Located on the Spanish Costa del Sol, El Capitán enjoys the best of all that the area has to offer: over 50 courses within driving distance and close proximity to the famous Puerto Banus with its fine dining, nightlife, cosmopolitan lifestyle and shopping. 

Every villa is designed by the architect and the client together and will therefore be unique. Even during the construction period, the customer will be involved when choosing materials, fittings, the kitchen and bathroom designs and colours.

Detailled Project Description HERE

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Resurrection Of Real Estate Investment Market In Southern Spain-Costa Del Sol-Marbella

Spanish Value Opportunity Now in the South
- Durendal’s Bonetti -  09 February 2015

After the huge upswing in Madrid and Barcelona property investment last year, the best value opportunities in Spain are now along the southern coast, says Thomas Ezio Bonetti of the Durendal Ventures Group, a panelist at Thursday’s PIE Spain Property Breakfast.

With affiliates in Miami and New York, Mr. Bonetti of Durendal based in Marbella noted in a pre- event statement that the recovery in Spain mirrors the US market of a few years ago. “It’s no coincidence that one of the first major transaction closed with Spain’s ‘bad’ bank Sareb, was with a Private Equity firm based in Miami Beach,” he told PIE. “Looking out their beachfront skyscraper windows on Brickell Avenue, there was a perfect view of the financial tsunami which engulfed and collapsed US markets years before.” That collapse left behind upside-down properties, massive piles of debt, bank and company failures, foreclosures, and dozens of abandoned construction cranes “looming over the city like giant pink flamingos”, he said.

Spain is now set to mirror US markets, which today have recovered fully with valuations in all major asset classes at or above pre-crash levels. “The US markets that were hit the hardest, also delivered the highest rates of returns. In Miami for example, the recovery there has been so strong that many of our Clients are now exiting their positions to take profits. We anticipate a similar effect will occur over time here in Spain as well.”

Driven by private equity from America, Europe, and more recently Asia, the major markets of Madrid and Barcelona attracted unprecedented capital in the first phase of the Spanish recovery, Bonetti noted. “We saw firms who feasted on distressed Sareb portfolios, income producing assets, discounted debt, and cash flow challenged companies. However, in those markets today competition for assets is quickly overtaking supply, with prices and yields responding accordingly.”

According to Bonetti, there are two key macro strategies investors should consider enhancing today to unlock hidden value. First, you must have a very strong deal-sourcing team with on the ground local partners. And second, it’s time to look beyond the major Tier I markets. “Like Florida, we forecast the next wave of investment will occur in the south and all along the Costa del Sol with a focus on Marbella and its environs.” While Madrid and Barcelona markets are rapidly maturing, this second phase is only just beginning and will continue for at least the next 12-18 months.

Validating this approach, several strategic investors are already taking large positions, with recent transactions including the purchase of the Hotel Guadalmina, the Sotogrande Resort, and the Junta of Andalusia’s successful leaseback auction.
(Property Investor Europe - PIE)

"Durendal Ventures Group is one of our strongest partners in the Miravision network to connect top investment groups from America with our real estate and investment portfolio here in Spain."
(Tony Schröter, CEO Miravision)

Friday 30 January 2015

Spaniens Wirtschaft wächst endlich wieder

Hamburg - Die spanische Wirtschaft ist Ende des vergangenen Jahres überraschend kräftig gewachsen. Das Bruttoinlandsprodukt (BIP) der viertgrößten Volkswirtschaft der Euro-Zone legte in den letzten drei Monaten 2014 um 0,7 Prozent zum Vorquartal zu, wie das Statistikamt mitteilte.

Das Wachstum stellt das größte Plus seit sieben Jahren dar und war etwas größer als von Experten erwartet. Zum Vergleich: Die deutsche Wirtschaft wuchs zum Jahresende lediglich um rund 0,25 Prozent.
Insgesamt legte das spanische BIP im vergangenen Jahr um 1,4 Prozent zu. Die spanische Regierung erwartet, dass die Wirtschaft dieses Jahr noch stärker anzieht, da sinkende Ölpreise und der billigere Euro die Konjunktur anschieben. Das BIP soll daher 2015 um mindestens 2,5 Prozent zulegen.

Damit geht der wirtschaftliche Aufstieg Spaniens weiter: Zwischen 2011 und 2013 befand sich das Land noch in einer Rezession, seitdem steigt das BIP jedoch wieder schrittweise an. Größtes Problem des Landes ist jedoch nach wie vor die große Arbeitslosigkeit (derzeit 23,7 Prozent).


Thursday 14 August 2014

Partner und Kooperationen für Immobilienverkauf und Investments in Spanien gesucht!!!

Immobilienpreise haben sich auf einem Niedrigniveau eingependelt. Der "After Effect" der letzten Wirtschaftskrise lässt nun auch die letzten finanzschwachen Projektentwickler und Privateigentümer ihren Tribut zollen. 40-60% Preisreduzierung sind keine Seltenheit mehr.

Nun gibt das Wirtschaftsbarometer endlich Entwarnung und prognostiziert sogar einen raschen Anstieg der Immobilienpreise in 2-3 Jahren - speziell in den beliebten Gebieten an der Costa del Sol in Andalusien rund um die "Werbeikone" Marbella.

Internationale Investoren haben diese Chance natürlich schnell erkannt und damit begonnen, profitable Projekte und bankrottgefährdete Hotels zu identifizieren und zu investieren, was ein weiteres starkes Indiz dafür ist, dass sich der Markt erholt und große Chancen für Käufer als auch Anleger offenlegt.

Egal ob einzelne Appartements, Luxusvillen, Baugrundstücke oder ganze Wohnanlagen - bis hin zu 5-Sterne Hotels - das Angebot ist (noch) groß und bietet Möglichkeiten für Privatkäufer, Kleinanleger und Großinvestoren. Selbst die spanischen Banken beginnen bereits, wieder Hypotheken und Baufinanzierungen mit sehr guten Konditionen anzubieten.

Wir mit Miravision haben über viele Jahre ein professionelles Netzwerk in Andalusien, speziell an der Costa del Sol aufgebaut, welches uns direkten Zugang zu allen Top-Angeboten gewährt und zeitgleich eine transparente und vor Allem legal einwandfreie Abwicklung und Betreuung von Immobilienkäufen und/oder
-investitionen absichert. Zu diesem Netzwerk gehören neben Partneragenturen vor Allem renommierte Anwälte, Bankdirektoren, und Regierungsvertreter.

Nun möchten wir auch so viel wie möglich deutschen Bürgern über die Immobilienangebote informieren und gern als Kunden begrüßen.
Dazu halten wir Partnerschaften und Kooperationen mit deutschen Agenturen für am effektivsten.

Für jeden Verkauf zahlen wir gute 3% Provision und übernehmen sämtliche Beratung und Betreuung des Kunden, sowie alle zur Abwicklung des Verkaufs/Investments benötigten Abläufe, einschließlich "Aftersales".

Kontakt hier:  - dort bitte Checkbox "Miravision partnerships" ankreuzen

More foreign investors are coming to Spain

Spain is fast regaining its popularity as a top investment choice for foreign companies looking to expand their business overseas
According to the Barometer of the Business Climate in Spain, a survey carried out by top local business school IESEforeign investorsare much more bullish in 2014 on the outlook for revenues, investment and jobcreation than they were two years ago.
So what’s fuelling this renewed optimism? Well after five years in the doldrums, the Spanish economy is back on the growth track.
Recent data on exportsdomestic demand and employment has impressed economists, many of whom are taking a leaf out of the government’s book and revising growth forecasts upwards for 2015. And one company which is happy to continue betting on Spain is Japanese electronics and IT giantFujitsu.


Fujitsu produces electronics components at its plant in Malaga which supplies leading car manufacturers like Toyota and Renault’s factories across Europe. The Japanese multinational also provides IT and financial solutions for several Spanish banks. Now Fujitsu is betting on Spain again to help develop its Cloud INITIATIVE first launched in 2014.
Last month, the company announced an around $2 billion investment until 2016 to supportbusiness innovation and agility for its customers world-wide. Its new data centre brought on stream in Spain will be one of the pillars for developing the FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Private Hostedproject. Fujitsu is keen to unlock the value in Spain!


The IESE survey reveals that nine out of every 10 companies expect to increase or at least maintain their revenues from Spain over the next year, a rise of 25 per cent compared to 2012. This vote of confidence has largely been inspired by the slew of reforms Mariano Rajoy’s government has implemented in the last two years, many of which are aimed at re-igniting overseas investment.
Measures to deregulate the labour market have led to a decline in labour costs in Spain, which in turn has fuelled renewed investment commitment from top overseas car manufacturers like Ford and Volkswagen. And the long-overdue cut in corporate tax, included in the government’s recently announced fiscal shake-up, will also encourage more overseas businesses to set up shop in Spain.
Other sweeteners like granting residency permits to people who invest in Spanish business and create employment opportunities have also helped establish an attractive business environment. 
So foreign investors get ready to party! (source: Dutilh Abogados)
Contact Marbella Miravision to get more information about investment opportunities in Spain - also first hand information about distressed hotels, developments, plots and luxury villas.